It plays an important part in the learning process of the school as it's a counterpart of the school's infrastructure. It is located in a place where it's quiet and calm with a soothing ambience allows the students to concentrate better. The total number of books in our library is 3410.

A spacious, well-equipped library gallery and a furnished reading room for students and staff only. We also subscribe to a large number of periodicals and dailies. A variety of magazines related to different fields are also subscribed to for students of all age groups.


The school has a well-equipped laboratory for carrying out experiments by the students. We have sufficient space to accommodate students to observe and experiment with things. The teacher in charge will be observing the students who are engaged in experiments to ensure that they do them scientifically and correctly.

Also, in the pipeline are a maths lab and a computer lab with 20 peripherals that will be available to students.


The Foundation Programme was established for the purpose of mastering math and science concepts, definitions, and formulae. During the programme, interaction takes place between pupils and teachers for clarification of doubts.

A weekly test is conducted for the evaluation of students either in online or offline mode. This mastery over fundamentals lays a strong foundation for future exams such as NEET, JEE, etc. of the student.

Apart from this, several other programmes like bridge-courses and short-term crash courses were conducted for students to master the fundamentals and excel in their goal setting.


We have provided smart classrooms in all the classes at present so that the teaching and learning of all subjects becomes effortless and easy. Every lesson unit is arranged by the teacher as a feature documentary so that students absorb the lesson without realizing it is a lesson!

The smart classrooms go a long way to ensuring that every student, no matter his level of understanding, has learnt his lesson thoroughly.

Our Kinder Garden Classes are powered by "MiKids" software support to enhance their speaking and reading skills.