House System


Our School has a system of 'Houses' that promotes a sense of joint responsibility, a team spirit and bring in healthy competition among the students. Opportunities to compete at various levels in the area of sports and extra-curricular activities bring out the best and achievements are greatly lauded.


SOURCE OF INSPIRATION : They wish to radiate the flame of warmth.

OBJECTIVE : The Ruby Team pledges to share their warmth of LOVE, JOY and PEACE to all around.

MOTTO : Sparkle and Spread your Splendor.


SOURCE OF INSPIRATION : The Sapphire Team has adopted the energy and zest of Water as their role model. They wish to be constantly on the move like the flowing river

OBJECTIVE : The Sapphire Team pledges to be like the river that flows continuously, gathering beautiful things that come its way.

MOTTO : Live out every moment that comes to you.


SOURCE OF INSPIRATION : The Emerald Team draws inspiration from evergreen nature. They wish to be adopt the same abiding and never ending approach of Nature to beautify the earth

OBJECTIVE : The Emerald Team aims to grow and learn from every experience, thereby sharing its wisdom to benefit all those around.

MOTTO : Bloom in all seasons of life.


SOURCE OF INSPIRATION : The Topaz Team is greatly awed by the Bright Smiling Sun. They wish to be like the dazzling Sun that so selflessly gives its light to all around.

OBJECTIVE : They intend to be selfless givers of their Service and Love.

MOTTO : Be the light of the world.